What To Expect


Your first appointment with Dr. Sandra Lambatos will last approximately an hour.  During this hour, Dr. Lambatos will get to know you while she preforms a thorough examination to determine the precise cause of your health concern(s).  Depending on your concerns, this thorough examination will consist of all or some of the following:  full body physical, ranges of motion, postural analysis, neurological testing, orthopedic testing, muscle strength, reflexes, and functional biomechanics. 


Once Dr. Lambatos has reviewed all of your results, you will receive a detailed explanation of all her findings and their importance.  At this time, you will also receive an explanation of what you can expect regarding your recovery, short and long-term goals will be discussed, and Dr. Lambatos will also answer any additional questions you may have. 


Please view our treatment section, so you may see the many options we have available to suit your healthcare needs. 


To schedule an appointment at Midwest Center for Health & Wellness with Dr. Sandra Lambatos please call our office at 630-501-0075. 

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