Midwest Center for Health & Wellness specializes in personalized care and holistic treatment options to successfully diagnose and treat your condition.  With many treatment options available we will tailor a program designed to optimize your progress.  For more information about our treatment options please click on the links located to the right.




Our wellness center offers two types of care - active treatment and wellness care.  Through regular appointments and open dialogue, we will develop a treatment plan that is appropriate and effective, ultimately leading you to better health.


In active treatment course, we will focus on relieving, correcting and stabilizing your condition. You will have regular, 20-30 minute visits with the doctor — allowing for enough time to review progress, reassess your condition, alter the treatment plan as necessary, and render treatment. Short and long-term objectives will be discussed throughout your treatment to ensure your healthcare goals are achieved.


Once your condition has been corrected and stabilized, you will meet with Dr. Lambatos for a wellness-care appointments. In this stage of care we will focus on maintaining your health status. 



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